How do you generate leads?

Our specialists search for targeted audiences for your business and pitch your services to them through various social media and/or google campaign tools.

What is your conversion ratio?

In our experience, conversion is around 20%. However, conversion always depends on many factors. We highly recommend you buy one of our package to see how it works for you.

Are those leads are genuine?

Yes, our leads are 100% genuine.

Do you guarantee leads conversion?

We cannot guarantee conversion, as too many factors are involved in that process.

How long it will take to generate leads?

We will deliver all the leads to you within 5 to 25 business days.

Do you share those leads?

We never share your leads with anyone; they’re exclusively for you. Whether or not you convert your leads, they will only ever be available to you.

Will you convert those leads on our behalf?

We do not offer lead conversion; it’s your responsibility to call your leads and pitch your service model.

How you are different than your competitors?

Most companies share leads with multiple people. We don’t share leads. Your leads are exclusively for you, whether you convert them or not. Also, we do not generate leads by junk email marketing or cold calling, which never converts, we use paid campaigning to generate leads.

What information you provide in leads?

We provide the name, the person’s designation, a working phone number, an email address, the company name, and the company URL.

Can you show your Ad copies or inside statastics?

We can send you creative upon request however we do not reveal our Ad copy or inside statistics. Bcz, people copy paste and use same Ads. We do not reveal our Ad copy, but, we do not offer anything extra or free. All leads are genuine