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Replacement Policy

Lead Replacement Policy:


The leads are replaceable only under bellow circumstances:

  1. When the provided phone no is wrong. (Phone recording required)
  2. When the provided phone no is switched off for more than 7 days. (Phone log list required)
  3. When the lead confirms that he/she never inquired about the services. (Phone recording required)


Note: We will not replace the lead if there is a working phone no. If the lead matches above criteria, it will be replaced within 14 days from the time it delivers to you

Advertiser understands that there are no refunds and all payments are final once the first lead has been delivered.


Payments. Advertiser authorizes Lead Generation Media to initiate payment from the credit card account at the financial institution named below, for the payment of the Lead Generation Media. Fee specified in the insertion order. Advertiser agrees not to hold Lead Generation Media responsible for any delay in service, loss of funds due to incorrect or incomplete information supplied by Advertiser or by Advertiser’s financial institution, or due to an error on the part of Advertiser’s company or Advertiser’s financial institution in regards to Advertiser’s account with Lead Generation Media. Charges to Advertiser’s credit card account will appear as: Lead Generation Media. If Advertiser needs to cancel service, please contact Lead Generation Media via E.mail or at Unit #C, 320 painted post drive, Scarborough, Toronto, Canada M1G 2M3