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An Ultimate Guide To Finding Genuine Debt Settlement Leads

May 11, 20238 min read

Debt settlement companies' sole purpose is to help folks get out of the debt pit. When people decide to settle their loan or mortgage debt, they seek help from debt settlement companies. These clients are crucial for debt settlement companies as they bring revenue and growth. This way, debt settlement companies make a ‘help me, help you’ kind of relationship with their clients. 

But finding or connecting with debt settlement leads or clients is not that simple. It happens because not everyone who is in a debt pit looks for a settlement. Plus, there is very high competition for winning debt relief or settlement leads.  

Let’s explore these points to understand various aspects of finding debt settlement leads.

What Are Debt Settlement Leads? 

Debt settlement involves a debtor, creditor, and often a debt settlement company. In this process, a debtor offers to deposit a lump sum of money to the creditor. Debtors do this so the creditor might forgive a portion of the debt they owe. Debtors can do this on their own or connect with a debt settlement company. The debt settlement companies can increase the chances of settlement, and the creditor might accept the offer firsthand.

So the debt settlement companies’ potential clients who are looking to settle their loan or debt are the leads. The businesses that deal with debt settlement look for these leads. Indeed, they are important for the growth of their business. Let’s explore further and see how businesses can find these leads.

How To Find Genuine Debt Settlement Leads?

Build Trust With Useful Content

Debt can put anyone in extreme distress. Now the reason for not paying on time payment of the debt can be anything. But everyone wants to get out of this web of stress as soon as possible. This is why debt settlement companies have to build trust around their business to find genuine clients. 

Companies can make this possible with the help of useful content. It helps potential clients or leads understand who is the leading expert in the business. Companies have to focus on sharing valuable and relevant content. They also have to keep in mind who is their potential audience. 

Businesses can share content centered around finance or personal finance. The content should be authentic and not promotional. However, they can share call-to-action links in their content. If the reader of the content is looking for professional advice or help, then they can reach the business through these links. 

If the content shared is on the company’s official website, then there is no need for a call to action. Readers or potential leads can surf the company’s website and connect with the company. That’s how debt settlement companies can generate genuine leads from content creation. 

Platforms That Can Help With Content Creation 

The company’s website can be the main platform for sharing the content. But nowadays, social media platforms are one of the main user attraction points. Companies can get the attention of potential audiences from these platforms. One of the leading social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help businesses generate leads. They can at least bring more traffic to websites where potential leads can understand the company's expertise. 

Potential clients can find more content on the website related to their issues. They can understand a company's expertise better and are more likely to share their contact details. Once the potential client shares their contact details, companies get their consent too. It increases the chances of conversion as potential clients are expecting a call from the company.   

Target Advertising

Advertising is one way to generate organic leads and makes it easy for potential leads or clients to reach businesses. Companies can do targeted advertising both online and offline. They let potential clients connect with businesses directly. However, companies have to go the extra mile to convenience the client to choose them.

This happens because there is no trust bond between the company and the client. But if this advertising is combined with content, then it can provide more fruitful results. Companies can advertise their business on social media. It can help potential clients connect with companies more quickly and with better insights. 


The traditional way of marketing never goes out of style. Debt settlement companies can build a network of trustworthy partners. These partners can share referrals with the company and help them convert into clients. 

Companies can expand their network and seek references from their partners. They connect with professionals or organizations who deal with bankruptcy and debt issues. Usually, attorneys, law firms and legal aid organizations should be the ideal choices for networking.

Another way of traditional marketing is placing ads in newspapers and magazines. People often trust this type of advertising and can connect with companies for a debt settlement solution. 

Get A Better Website Ranking

As stated above, a company's website can help share valuable content and build trust with potential clients. But if a company website doesn’t have a good ranking, then it won’t get many visitors. Search engine optimization can help get a good rank on the SERP. Search engine optimization deals with backlinks and other aspects of content. 

Companies can seek the help of an SEO to rank their website. Also, if necessary, they can hire content writers and SEO for optimizing and creating useful content for the website. This way if people can come in contact with the website more often and read and interact with its content.  

How Buying Debt Settlement Leads Work? 

Companies can try various strategies to find organic leads. Indeed, these strategies work and can provide fruitful results. But these strategies take time, and companies have to spend various resources to get desired results. Also, not all leads are converted into customers or clients. So companies might not get the right results even after spending time and resources. 

This is where buying debt settlement lead generation comes into the picture. Companies can connect with lead generation businesses and purchase genuine leads from them. These leads are fresh and can be converted easily.  

Companies have to connect with reliable and authentic lead-generation businesses. It is important to do so because not all leads are genuine, and they can be shared with multiple companies. If this happens, then the lead conversion rate can drop even after spending money. Let’s see how companies can connect with an authentic lead-generation business. 

Things To Look For While Choosing A Lead Generation Business

  • Authentic lead generation businesses provide exclusive real-time leads. These leads are shared with only one buyer. However, these leads are a little bit expensive, but the conversion rate is high. If the company’s executives play their cards right, then they can easily convert multiple leads into new clients.

  • Some lead generation businesses generate shared leads, and they are cheaper. If the company has a low budget, then it can get these leads. But it can increase the work of lead conversion management. This happens because multiple companies are trying to close the same client. In the end, either company is going to close multiple clients or none at all. 

  • Some authentic lead-generation businesses provide their clients with free CRM. Usually, it lasts for only one month, but companies have the freedom to extend it. 

  • As mentioned earlier, debt settlement leads pricing is high. But an authentic lead generation business can provide a little flexibility with the pricing. This flexibility in pricing can help companies buy leads in bulk. 

  • Authentic lead-generation businesses understand their clients' needs. They build trust with them by establishing a proper professional relationship. Companies can see their potential with the help of fixing an appointment. This is an important aspect, as companies can trust them better and see that they are getting genuine leads.

  • Sometimes even after purchasing exclusive leads, the possibility of not getting genuine leads remains. But an authentic lead generation business can provide replacement if this happens. Usually, if leads’ phone numbers are wrong or switched off for more than 7 days, then companies can ask for a replacement. Also, when leads tell the company that they never looked for settlement services. Do read lead replacement policies to clarify all doubts.  

  • Companies have to ensure that the lead generation business they are choosing is easy to contact. This part becomes crucial if companies face any issues with buying or replacing leads.

  • Companies must read all terms of services and privacy policies of the lead generation business. So later, there won’t be any conflict if anything goes south with lead generation.


The above-mentioned points show that companies can either take a long way or seek help from lead-generation businesses. Both ways are authentic and can help companies generate genuine leads. But lead generation businesses can help debt settlement companies get faster and better results. Also, they help them save time and resources with an increased conversion rate.   

If you’re seeking exclusive debt settlement leads, then connect with Lead Generation Media. Let our expert financial services help you get genuine leads and grow your debt settlement business.

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